Don’t Let a Storm Ruin Your Roof

Don’t Let a Storm Ruin Your Roof

Storm damage repairs in Lubbock, TX and throughout the Panhandle Region

Did a hailstorm or windstorm come through your area recently? Your roof may have been affected. Find out today with a free inspection from the roofers at Diamond J Roofing LLC. We’ll assess any damage we find, and replace your roof if we need to. In most cases, your homeowners insurance will cover the cost of your roof replacement. Call 806-416-3045 to learn more.

3 ways to know you have hail and wind damage

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine if you have hail damage or if your roof is just getting older. Here are three of the most common signs your roof has been affected by a hailstorm:

  1. Your shingles are dented or bruised. This is the most obvious kind of hail damage and will be immediately visible to the naked eye.
  2. Your roof vent and exhaust caps are dented. These soft metals often show hail damage before the shingles do.
  3. Your gutters and siding are damaged. If hail has impacted other parts of your home’s exterior, it’s likely harmed your roof, too.

Don’t wait until your roof gets worse. If you think your Lubbock, TX or West Texas area home has suffered from recent hail damage, give us a call.